Thursday, June 18, 2009

What the party of, "NO," know, but aren't telling.

A few things to consider…

On Taxes:

As one’s income rises so does one’s tax rate, but what also rises is the number of pages, of the tens of thousands of pages, of tax code that apply to you; net tax rate actually declines.

On Public Health Insurance:

Study after study reveals that in the USA we pay far more, and get far less, for health insurance benefits than in any other country in the industrialized and developing nations of the world.

The party of, “NO,” says we will wind up with health care like the Canadians; where the doctors come south (to the USA) to make more money and patients go north (to Canada) to get better health care.

On Capitalism:

Unregulated markets have proven time and again that they’re like toddlers let loose in a grocery store; messes will be made and things will get broken.

Toddlers are newly mobile, curious children and Wall Street is populated by highly educated adults; theoretically. If you study the Ups and Downs of the US economy you’ll note a common underlying theme: compensation often increases exponentially as a Wall Street employee demonstrates less and less understanding of risk and the unintended consequences thereof.

On the Party of, “NO:”

The party of, “NO,” receives a great deal of consideration (money and other valuable trinkets) from lobbyists representing the, “free market,” to allow said market folks to play in an unregulated arena of other people’s money. When the folks on Wall Street inevitably take excessive risks and lose that money, they expect the government will bail them out, with taxpayer’s (more of those other people’s money) dollars, while assessing no blame; remember that US Treasury Secretary Paulson demanded $700 billion taxpayers’ dollars: no restrictions!

If the party of, “NO,” has it’s way the enormous, federal deficit will resume its 30 years of growth and Wall Street’s gaming will continue without accountability; just because they made the mess…


Public (or Single Payer) Health Insurance could clear the way to eliminate: Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran’s Health System! Put that in your budget calculator!