Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why BlueBoomerHD?

The time has come to explain the name of my blog: BlueBoomerHD. HD is HeavyDuty, an alias used since my father-in-law gave me that nickname, shortly after we met. Blue is referring to the disappointment felt when contemplating the actions of my generation, the BabyBoomers.

Our parents worked, sacrificed and saved to make the nation, and the world, a better place than it was when they became the responsible adults of their generation, as their parents (our grandparents) had in their time.

When the Boomers came of age we noted that we were inheriting a nation that was quite probably as rich and powerful as any in history. Too many of us recognized that that treasury could pay for many a fine party, and that we had the capacity to do some serious butt-kicking. Altogether too often, when we wanted to, that is what we did.

That is why President Obama won the most recent Nobel Peace Prize, because he was not W. The new administration is engaging the rest of the world in a non-threatening manner that had been so lacking in the prior administration.

Many in my generation view the wealth and power we inherited as just the way it ought to be, and take these things for granted! There’s no time to consider that what’s been given us requires responsible operation and maintenance. To say nothing of creating, planning, installing, operating and maintaining what will come next. These are the boring details! Ignore them long enough and these boring details will come back to haunt us and our descendants (you know: kids, grandkids, etc…).

There are some in our generation who want very much to rectify what has been done, and get back to the legacy of, “leaving a better world!” I’m Blue now, but I’m not going to let the circumstances that made me this way stand the test of time.

Feel free to join me. As long as we draw breath there is hope!