Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Opportunity Wasted!

The Democrats and their Progressive allies stand accused of ramming our liberal programs through the US federal government and upon the American people. Unfortunately, too many folks just don’t (want to) understand how guilty we are not!

We have the White House. We had both houses of the US Congress. Our president, whom I still support, chose to try and build bipartisan coalitions with those same Republicans who had clearly and repeatedly demonstrated that they had no interest in forming. That reason, almost exclusively, explains why so many things were left undone.

We had six years (January 2001 to January 2007) in which the Republicans were in control of the federal government (President, US Senate and House of Representatives). The Republicans talked extensively about reducing the size and expense of said federal government, while growing it and the federal deficit massively. Still, the only thing they were able to accomplish was to bring the US economy to the edge of a second great depression.

We, the American people, will now spend two years stuck in ‘Park.’ Fortune smiled upon us when the Republicans did not get a majority in the US Senate, and we retain a Democratic president; we are stopped, not jammed into ‘Reverse’ as was the case from 2001 to 2007.

It is important to remember that education and hard work got us to where we are today: the world’s largest (by far) economy, and the world’s only super power (as a former Reagan administration official and professor at Rice University stated, “we are not first among equals!”).

It is government that builds common carrier infrastructure (e.g., roads, bridges, railroads, airports, seaports, telecommunications and power distribution, etc…). It is the government that provides public servants like: teachers, military, police, fire and emergency medical personnel, etc.; also providing the facilities they use.

It is government that makes sure that clean water flows when you turn on the faucet, lights light when you flip the switch, toilets empty when flushed and that you don’t revisit said toilet contents when you travel to lakes, rivers and sea shores.

In short, it is the government that makes sure that society is civil, clean and available to all the public all the time. If you desire to cut government out of your life, the first question you must ask is: “What do you want to give up?”

Those who believe Progressives and Democrats

might fade quietly away,

would, once again, demonstrate

how little thought’s involved in their day.