Friday, November 30, 2012

The Fiscal 'Bump' Debate

The current debate about the economy, the fiscal bump, at the US Congress is at a standstill because the Republicans want cuts in two major federal programs, but they want the Democrats to specify what will be cut.


Because the current iteration of the Republican party is a congregation of angry, old, white people and the programs they want to cut are extremely popular with these constituents; the programs: Medicare and Social Security.

The Republicans will not outline cuts because they want to be able to turn to their base and say, “the Democrats did it!”

It is tremendously dishonest Republican maneuvering because the majority of their base (especially the old, white people), and the vast majority of Democratic supporters, don’t want cuts to either Medicare or Social Security at all.

This post is asking the President and Democrats, in the US Congress, to stand firm; raise revenues, end the second war (paid for with debt) and make cuts to the military budget where the Defense Department has suggested.