Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thoughts for today...

“Blue Dog” Democrats, and others, say that they want to make sure that health care reform controls cost.

Every other industrialized country in the world has at least a public health insurance option, cover nearly everybody and pay less than half (per capita) of what we pay.

The only folks who don’t understand this simple fact are those looking for an excuse to do nothing.

In the meantime… don’t forget to re-regulate the financial services (a.k.a., the market, Wall Street) industries!

The market defines innovation as finding new ways to avoid: regulation, review and responsibility.

Wall Street spews tales of its own wisdom and the incompetence of government, while seeking bail-outs from said government (requiring enormous quantities of the taxpayer’s money) when they find they’re snared in a trap of their own making; accepting dollars while admitting no culpability.


Texan in Wisconsin said...


I am not "looking for an excuse to do nothing". I disagree with the nationalization of our medical system, and the crowding out of the private sector that the current plan would do.

Here's my plan:

1. Lawsuit (tort) reform: limit awards to an amount certain;
2. Allow insurance to be sold nationally (across state lines);
3. Learn how to count: there are not 47 million "uninsured".
4. DO NOW allow illegals to get health care here.

You implement those 4 things and you'll save enough money to cover the 7mm or so folks who truly are uninsured involuntarily and can't afford it.

I agree with you that we should stop bailouts, and we should stop the "bailout" of the uninsured first.

Good to see you this weekend, brother.

HeavyDuty said...

Take a short trip north, to Canada, and ask folks if they'd prefer to have our type of medical care. It's single payer, not single provider, that is the final goal.

1. Lawsuit reform: loser pays;
2. O.K.;
3. There were, but that's being resolved;
4. That's 'not,' not, "NOW," and pretty heartless. Hope you never find yourself hurt while in a foreign country.

If you were not employed, could you get, or afford, insurance? The wife and I can't get it, even though we can afford it, till we qualify for Medicare; significant pre-existing conditions for both of us.