Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Keystone XL!

Port Arthur has a Free Trade Zone (exporting is simplified); pipe segments are fabricated in India (job creation; not here!); eminent domain is being used as a threat against land owners along the pipeline's path (a tool for public efforts being employed for a private, for profit, project); an enormous amount of energy is being used to: strip boreal forests (removing hundreds of square miles of nature’s best carbon sequestering processors), strip mine the bitumen (it is a solid, diluted, difficult to handle with minimal oil content product), prepare the product (solid to almost-liquid consistency) to be able to travel via a pipe; 14 leaks in the original Keystone pipeline, an abomination across the 'Saudi Arabia of Wind.'

The Keystone XL pipeline is something well worth the effort required to stop it!!!

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LJC said...

So Blue Boomer, let me understand this: You are upset because the President was only given 90 days to review and approve this project? All the studies have been completed and if he and his staff cannot read the final report in 90 days, I suggest a speed reading class.

What good is the Free Trade Zone of Port Arthur if there is no raw material being delivered there?

You are upset about the pipeline segments are being made in India, whose fault do you think that is? And why is that a problem? If the cost of the pipe is lower, it will lower gas prices. Isn’t that a good thing?

You worry about eminent domain; where were you when “we white men” took it from the Indians? Do you want to give Texas back to Mexico?

You are worried about the disturbing the natural ecosystem? The same straw-man was used for the Alaskan pipeline and how did that turn out??

The cost for us is jobs for the American people, money being spent to help the economy, taxes being paid into the government to support all US Government Agencies including the President, who is a slow reader.