Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Republican Party has been Purchased by the Plutocracy!

Some of the 2% has purchased what had been a respectable Republican Party enroute to a plutocracy, sycophants serving plutocrats.  Wealthy folks are using inherited wealth in pursuit of more and more and more; think of the seagulls in the movie: Finding Nemo.

 Plutocracy’s greatest enemy is a large, informed middle class.  


Eliminate useful information via fact free environments like: Fox Ooze (a.k.a., Fox News, Bull Sh*t Mountain), the Heritage Foundation, the US Chamber of Commerce, etc…

The middle class is being assaulted by union busting and by jobs being sent out of country via bad, “free,” trade agreements like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).  These bad trade agreements have allowed least cost management to export both jobs and pre-tax income beyond US borders.

Folks finally understand the extraordinary problems being created in service to this attempt at plutocracy.  Hopefully, more moderate conservatives will rise up and retake control of the Republican Party and bring it back to the rational perspective of fiscal responsibility that it had once represented; the party I had belonged to until 1980.   

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