Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Future IS YOURS, but only if you'll work for it...

I've started my forth political campaign this year...  I started campaigning for political office, because nobody was running against the incumbent politicians!  The odds are greater than 9 to 1 against any challenger.  So, people complained about politics and politicians, then did absolutely nothing about it!!!

What can one person do?

Look around you.  Everything that surrounds you (a house, an office, a coffee shop, a car [hopefully you're not driving as you read], etc...) that is not nature was created after a single person asked, "What if?"

If you want an elected official who reflects your perspective, you (all of you) must elect that person and then you must be willing to push that person in the direction of your choice; again and again.  Whether this is an elected official in your: town, city, county, state or federal government, they will be entering office in an environment that already exists; that was built by the people who have been there (working in their own best interest) for a while.

The room doesn't spin in your favored direction just because you've arrived, once. 

Get in there, ask questions (again and again) till they are answered.  If you don't like the answer, then the next question is for you: How can I change this?

If your answer is, "Oh my, I'm just one person...  I can't do anything!"  That is both nonsense and self fulfilling prophesy; you've just made yourself irrelevant.

If you are to: Give, "Hope and Change," a Chance...  YOU must be willing to give it a Push, then another Push, and possible still more Pushing!!! 


Because you are not working in a vacuum!

There are others in there pushing, some in your direction (find them and work with them), some in similar directions (work with them, too), because others are pushing back; they don't agree and are working for their own perspective.

Register, vote, write, call, organize, act!  If you don't act, how is any person (or group) going to know that you are there; can help?

Own Your Future!  Help Your Democracy!  Help Your Republic!  Help Your Freedom!

Give, "Hope and Change," a Chance...  and a Push!!!

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