Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear Democrats,

I'm constantly bombarded with requests for donations via e-mail! Panic-sounding notes repeating the message, "the Republicans are kicking our keisters," raising funds. Rep. Doggett and Sarbanes came to Austin, TX to rally common folks to send more money! Even Paul Weyrich knew what conservatives had to do: fewer voters! When fewer folks make it to the polls the crowd with the most determined base wins; most often conservatives.

So, persuade voters that their votes don't count and then follow through with voter blocking rules, laws and gerrymandering: conservatives almost always win.

Sound familiar?

We don't need to match funds with Republicans. We do have to keep the Internet neutral and use it to propagate the message, "Your vote does matter!"

"Funny or Die," Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Robert Reich, Senator Warren, etc... web sites need to spread progressive messages vital to restoring the USA we know, love and need to bring back to the fore: the New, New Deal and the Greatest Society.

Registering voters and reminding them that their votes matter so much that some are trying really, desperately hard to block it.

Raising money is important, matching Republicans dollar for dollar is not important!

Voting is incredibly important! Voting is the basis of Democracy!

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