Friday, April 15, 2011

The Radical Right Republican’s less government hypocrisy.

The Republicans want less government in our lives, unless you’re a woman of maternal age.

If the Republican far-right extremists, to whom all other Republicans currently defer, get enough agreement from elected officials they can get the US Constitution’s separation of church and state denied.

If that misunderstanding becomes the official government policy it clears the way for an American theocracy. It reinstitutes the middle age idea that made all officials, (in positions they were appointed to, or they purchased) in the state church’s hierarchy, community leaders.

Are we ready for a government that is all over us like a second skin; the return of inquisitions and crusades?


Texan in Wisconsin said...

Oh for heaven's sake, Steve-O. You're saying it's a violation of a woman's civil right to prevent her from committing murder?

We need more beer.


HeavyDuty said...

Your definition of murder has never passed muster in a court of law, and many folks have tried (many times) to get the definition you're using accepted as law.

Is it acceptable to harass a woman about what's going on in her own body?

Would you feel that way if you were a woman?

How do feel about capital punishment?