Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Said vs. Done

Republicans are famous for their philosophy of, “government bad, business good,” even as they bailed out Wall Street, with taxpayer’s money, for causing a recession; bringing the US economy to the edge of the next great depression.

In TX, as well as in Washington DC, the Republican majorities have run the government the same way they would run a business: straight into bankruptcy.

The Republicans didn’t run the government into a ditch because of general incompetence; they are much smarter than they act. No, they do it because they lack the courage of their convictions. Many Republicans are partnered with Grover Norquist. Grover’s well known for wanting, “to shrink the government till it can be drowned in a bathtub.”

To accomplish said shrinkage a legislator might propose to eliminate expensive government programs, but that would incense more of their constituents with each and every program cut; eventually impairing their ability to get reelected. Remember the mantra of our perpetual incumbent politicians is that, “it is better to keep the job than it is to do the job!”

So, what does the perpetual politician do? They sign the certificate from Grover’s group promising never to raise any taxes; often reducing taxation as it becomes possible. The intentional reduction in revenue is accompanied by, contradictory, increased government spending.

When it becomes blatantly obvious that we have enormous, unfunded government spending the incumbent legislator will feign shock and outrage, even though he or she was an active participant in creating this situation.

What must be done? Cut spending, cut spending and cut spending!

Except that that isn’t the answer, it is the back door approach to doing what was planned from the start: reducing government programs.

So, what is the answer?

Review all spending to determine what is needed, what is outdated and what is unnecessary; the process that was intentionally bypassed on the road to debt. Then fund what is determined to be a vital government service. Resolving which programs are needed is difficult, but when the issue becomes the restoration of funding, taxes, the fur will really begin to fly.

The situation is as difficult as it was intended to be from the start, circa 1980 (Trickle Down). If you, the voter, are ready to begin real solutions then you’ll need to vote Democrat in 2012, because the rational Republicans (they really do exist) are deferring to the radical right.

Also, I recommend term limits to keep a new generation of elected officials from the temptation of perpetual incumbency.

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