Friday, June 10, 2011

TX Legislature fails our schools!

TX Comptroller, Susan Combs, released a report detailing the cost of current tax exemptions to the government of the state of Texas; look here:

The report documents the fact that current tax exemptions cost the state $32 billion every year.

Meanwhile, our TX legislature is considering a bill to reduce the state’s financial commitment to our public schools, because they will not make any effort to get those funds. The biennial budget for 2012-2013 is multiple billions of dollars short of what current law mandates the state spend on public education. The Republican majority in the legislature is changing the law to cover-up their unwillingness to invest in educating the children of TX!

Register and Vote in 2012 (and beyond), because TX deserves better governance!


Texan in Wisconsin said...

How about this: Instead of the default solution to fiscal problems being "tax more, spend more", why don't we say "this is what we have to spend -- make it work"?

Gotta get those unions out of the schools like we did here in Wisconsin.

52 here at the lake today...


HeavyDuty said...

Have you read the 2011 update of "Texas on the Brink."

That'll let you know why, "make it work," hasn't and still won't do what needs to be done.

HeavyDuty said...

Does anybody 'recall' how Wisconsin's state government is doing these days?