Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's Review...

Some of the current GOP candidates have forgotten a few basics in:


1. Adam Smith is credited with establishing the basis of capitalism in his book: The Wealth of Nations. Adam Smith was an economist and an enlightened philosopher who anticipated the clash between self-interest motivated economics and human nature, documented in his oft forgotten companion tome: The Theory of Moral Sentiments.

2. Economic growth in the last 30 years was greatest in the Clinton administration. Republican embraced Supply-side economics (a. k. a., trickle down) has resulted in thousands of factories and service centers, millions of jobs, moving out of our country. 23 million jobs were created during the Clinton years, while 3 million were created when George W. occupied the White House.

The federal budget deficit was reduced only in the Clinton years. The first year (2001) of the Bush admin had some carry-over budget surplus and still they managed to grow the deficit from $5.7 trillion to $10.2 trillion in the W era.


1. The Articles of Confederation contained the specifics of our first, weak, federal, US government; created and approved alongside the Declaration of Independence. The constitutional convention of 1787 happened because the founding fathers recognized the failure of the original, weak, central government. The US Constitution replaced the failed Articles of Confederation and created a strong, central (federal) government.

2. Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, drafted in 1777, outlined the specifics of religious freedoms that were not detailed in the Constitution.

In creating an entire federal government, including the Bill of Rights, in about one dozen pages (depending on font, font size and pagination) the founding fathers left many details to be defined by the republic’s new government.

3. If a nation were established as a truly Christian entity there would be one name (3 guesses, and the first two need not count) frequently and prominently featured in the founding documents; not done in the USA!

These are points that one need not believe because they are published here. All that has been included here can be verified in a variety of sources; something Republicans, pushing against these facts, have been hoping you won’t do. I encourage you to do precisely that verification; have at it!

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