Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Owning" the Economic Mess

Republicans keep asking, “When will the Obama administration own the economic mess inherited from the W years?”


When my son was a toddler his natural curiosity drove him to make messes while investigating all the new and interesting things around him. My wife and I picked up the messes and, when needed, followed with appropriate punishment. We owned what and where the mess was made, but didn’t ‘own’ the messes.

The Republicans are essentially saying, “he hasn’t picked our mess yet, so he shouldn’t get more time; another term in office.” Part of the problem is that the children are constantly pestering the adults trying to clean-up, while complaining that they’re not being allowed back into the play area.

Until the Republicans are mature enough to recognize when they’re making a mess, stop making it and then clean-up after themselves, they should not be given control of the government they consider their playground.

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