Sunday, September 23, 2012

Congress Does Nothing, Again!

The AEA (American Energy Alliance - of oil interests) complains that the wind-based energy generation companies should be able to succeed without a billion dollars in annual tax credits; Production Tax Credits (PTC).  The AEA represents century old, incredibly profitable oil companies that have billions of dollars in quarterly (every three months) profits and multiple billions of dollars in annual tax credits themselves.

The US Congress responded in typical fashion, by doing nothing, and have, in doing nothing, implied that they will allow the wind-based energy credits to expire on December 31st of this year; the oil industry's subsidies survive untouched.

This is the same congress that has not allowed a much needed second stimulus bill to be passed and sent to the President.  This congress recently failed to pass a smaller stimulus bill that would have helped our military veterans get jobs after completing their service to our country.  Veteran's job experience is poorly understood by non-military employers and is causing them to have a larger than average, post-service, unemployment problem.

The European countries that share a common currency (the Euro Zone and the Euro respectively) have adopted a strategy of austerity that is causing all their economies to drop into the second dip of a double-dip recession.  The US Congress is, by inaction and otherwise, also causing the USA to pursue a similar course of austerity.  The Republicans in the congress have expressed, and followed through, on a strategy of doing whatever it takes, including refusing to actually do anything, to deny the current president a second term.  If it means the US economy will follow the Euro Zone into the second dip of a double-dip economic recession our congress simply shrugs!

Register and vote to replace a congress, so callous to their own constituents that they put no damage to our country above their own megalomania.

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