Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reasons to Vote for Me...

There are many reasons that voters from TX 31st US House district should vote for me. First, I've signed no pledges that will hamper my ability to work on the best solution to any given problem. I'm not indebted to any large donors, PACs or Super PACs. I am free to represent the voters in Bell and Williamson counties that comprise this district.

If elected there will be attempts made to improve on health care. The copy of Romney care, from MA, now called the Affordable Health-care Act (AHA), a.k.a. Obama care, is a step in the correct direction. The Individual mandate, from the conservative Heritage Foundation, will be merged into the intended end product: Medicare for all, a.k.a.: Single Payer Health care (SPH). SPH will return family planning to a discussion between a family and their doctor. SPH will also cover our military veterans, and their families, who are finding VA hospitals to be overwhelmed by the effects of America's two, most recent wars: Iraq and Afghanistan.

The DREAM Act, proposed by Republicans around ten tears ago, will finally become law. The action of parents, who brought their young children with them when they came to the USA illegally, should not be held against young people who have known only life in these United States.

Laws that emerged in the aftermath of the Great Depression, including Glass-Steagall (taken off the books between 1980 and 1999), will return to law. The restoration of these laws will help insure that the Recession of 1986 and the Great Recession of 2007, caused by mortgage-based meddling in the entire financial services sector of our economy, will not be able to recur.

Mortgages, the only secured loans that are not, will become a concern of the bankruptcy court system. This will allow issues similar to the problems associated with sub-prime and adjusted rate mortgages to be recognized before the situation might get out of control again.

We must refocus on planning, installing, operating, maintaining and replacing common carrier infrastructure: roads, bridges, water, sewer, electric and telecommunications facilities. These things will return to the prominent stature they held over thirty years ago.

The funding of public education, pre-K through post graduate, will also return to the level of importance it too had attained more than thirty years ago.

I believe this will be the basis of what is needed to best serve the voters of this district and restore the government of these United States of America to its proper role: investing in the basic needs that have allowed this country to rise to become the world's largest economy and the only Super-power.

This will push the US Congress to rise above its current 10% approval rating.

This will give, “Hope and Change,” a Chance ...and a Push!

Register and Vote.

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